Best Personal Injury Lawyer In Brampton

6 things to consider when hiring PIL

Personal injury refers to cases when someone has had an accident or some kind of injury that has results in loss. It is not a criminal case which requires governmental intervention. If you were on the road and someone drove you over, you would file a case against him, in case you survive. This case would be filed under personal injury. If your neighbor’s dog bit you and you are sure that it was due to negligence on the part of the owner, you would file a personal injury case and look for a personal injury lawyer.

If you need a injury lawyer in Brampton to represent you in a case, you should know how to look for someone who can best do the job.

  1. Ask your friends, family members and colleagues. You can also search online for firms that are in your area. If you are looking at a firm that has an online presence, read their reviews. If any attorney contacts you to tell you that they would want to represent you, stay away from them. They are not allowed to solicit business in this manner.
  2. Understand your responsibilities – Right after the accident or incident, you have some responsibilities. Take medication as prescribed by the physician. If you have insurance, submit your bills to the insurance company as required by their rules. Take care of your health and keep your lawyer updated. Let him know the progress and how you are doing. It is your responsibility to keep him informed and he can only use the information you decide to share with him.
  3. Keep paperwork in order – To present a case, there is a lot of documentation needed. When making a claim, you will need to submit these documents –

> Any medical records, (of pre-existing conditions, test results)

> Any police record of the accident/collision if it was a vehicle accident

> Any pictures you have

> Other details of the incident – date, time, venue, weather, witnesses

> Your insurance policy

> break-down of your salary loss/wage

Having documents is of vital importance. If your documents are in proper condition, it might help the lawyer fight for a judgment in your favor. In their absence it might become difficult for him to prove a point.

  1. Time is important to get justice – There is something called the statute of limitations. There is a certain time limit within which a case needs to be filed to be considered. After this period the court will not entertain any claim. Know your rights and also your duties.
  2. What kind of lawyer do you want? Different lawyers have different style of functioning. A personal injury lawyer in Brampton may pay special attention to each lawyer and get into details before disposing it off. Another lawyer may function in an assembly line manner. If you are not comfortable with the former, go with the latter. If you need special attention, stay with the former.
  3. Check for the fees, and qualification and license – the lawyer should be adequately skilled, experienced and also charge appropriate amount as applicable. They will let you know the fees after listening to the case.

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